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We would like to inform you that we terminate 2you4 Service effective 31st July 2020
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Quantium Solutions (Japan) Inc.

International Shipping and Overseas Forwarding Service Delivery all over the world from Japan  Simple and easy One click ensures ease of tracking postal items in system cooperation with Japan Post.  Peace of mind Shipments to overseas under the international postal network of Japan Post.  Inexpensive Regular postage with no surcharge for all types of international postal items, ranging from surface air lifted (SAL) postal service to express mail service (EMS).  Quantium Solutions (Japan) Inc. +81-3-5755-150 Working hours: 9 am to 5 pm (Weekday)
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Service Contents(1) Free membership registration to obtain a transit address Registration is free and you can complete the procedure immediately. When your membership registration is completed, a transit address will be issued immediately so that you can use it for the goods that you will purchase.  Press the down (↓) arrow key to start membership registration.
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(2) Shopping at favorite stores in Japan When shopping at stores, specify the registered transit address for the destination of the goods that you purchase.   You can enjoy shopping at stores regardless of whether the stores provide international shipping service or not.   (3) Ease of making transit requests through PCs or smartphones. A user-friendly transit request screen is provided for PCs and smartphones. You can register multiple shipments at a time. You will receive a mail notice whenever goods arrive at the transit address. When all the goods you have purchased are warehoused and ready for shipping, you will receive a mail notice informing you of the total charge.    (4) Pay the charge and wait. This Service covers all the range of shipment work, including packing, billing, and cumbersome shipment procedures.  Wait for the arrival of the goods at your designated forwarding address after you complete the payment based on the contents of the mail.  Leave Yuyu Japan with all cumbersome shipment work. Warehousing and inspection of goods Contraband inspection Packing Customs invoice creation Combined packaging Working carefully with expert know-how.   Ease of making a forwarding request in a simple operation.  A forwarding request will be completed in two simple steps. Press the down (↓) arrow for a detailed explanation.  Step 1 Select a new forwarding request from the Yuyu Japan menu.   Step 2 Enter information according to the flow of the screen.   Information to be entered • Sender • Date of arrival • Shipping contents • Forwarding address • Forwarding method (EMS etc.)  Completed
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RatesThe basic rate consists of the following three charges ((1) + (2) + (3)).  (1) Storage charge including tax per 10 × 10 × 10 cm 7.9 yen per month • The volume is calculated from the dimensions of the goods. • The storage charge is calculated and claimed according to the volume of warehouse space that the stored goods occupy. (2) Forwarding service rate including tax All jobs covered. Warehousing Returning of goods Inspection Picking Packing Packing material preparation Invoicing  (1) Standard size: 150 yen (2) Large size: 270 yen  The size of each shipment is classified into a standard size or large size to claim the charge according to the following criteria.  A shipment is regarded as a large size shipment if its three sides are 45 × 35 × 20 cm or larger or it weighs more than 5 kg. Combined packaging fee will be charged for 20 yen per item. Operation fee(150 yen or 270 yen) + (numbre of item - 1) x 20 yen The three sides of the shipment including the packaging material arranged in the order of (1) the longest side, (2) the next longest side, and (3) the shortest side must satisfy the criteria.  The weight is calculated to include  the weight of the packing material. The weight is calculated to include 150 g as the weight of the packing material.  (3) Postage International postage  • A postage discount by the number of postal items applies according to the postage rules.
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Postage example  In the case of forwarding a figure of 15 x 5 x 5 cm with a weight of 300 g to New York on the condition that the product is delivered to us and shipped on the following day (i.e., the product is stored for two calendar days):   (1) Storage charge: 0.19 yen 7.9 × [(15 × 5 × 5 cm/1000] × 2/30 (days) = 0.19 yen  (2) Shipping operation charge: 150 yen  (3) Postage: 790 yen (international registered mail) You can choose the best forwarding method according to the goods to be forwarded.  Regular postage with no surcharge applies to all types of international postal items, ranging from surface air lifted (SAL) postal service to express mail service (EMS).   Total amount: 940 yen  Save much more money in comparison with other companies! Payment method  Please make credit card payments through the system of PayPal, Inc., a leading international e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Our service charges are indicated in Japanese yen. The applicable exchange rate varies with each credit card company. For details, please contact the company that issued your card. ChecklistDestination countries and regions

Countries and regions can deliver products and services in each of international mail is different. Please check the international postal products and services page for more information.

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Goods that cannot be handled

Because there is the thing which I can not handle due to laws and treaties in international mail, please be careful.
In particular, the article "Rules for Dangerous Goods" International Air Transport Association (IATA) is intended for (aviation hazardous materials), in international mail, (usually mail, parcel post, EMS mail) Type of mail and can not be sent regardless (airmail, SAL service, shipping service) in transport mode. Please check the international mail Terms of Use for details.

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